Insurance of 7 Seas Cruise Co.

One of the most important things you can do today is insure your cruise vacation!!

For just a fraction of the cost of your cruise you can have peace of mind knowing that you were smart enough to insure your cruise vacation. By doing this simple task, you don’t have to worry about any medical emergencies that might pop up before or during your cruise.

Would you make an investment on which you hope never to see a return?  Insur­ance is like that.  Something really adverse has to happen to you before you can collect your money.  Making the decision about purchasing cruise travel insurance largely depends on how much you can afford to risk.  For most of us, the logical answer is “Not much, thank you.”  Given the fact you’re probably in reasonably good health since you’re considering a pleasurable cruise, the odds are in your favor that you probably won’t need it.

So, let’s learn how to protect ourselves with insurance tailored to our needs. There is one important ques­tion to ask before buying insurance cover­age: Does the policy offer a pre-existing con­dition waiver? A pre-existing condition refers to any phys­ical condition of which you have had symp­toms and subsequently received professional medical advice, treatment, or medication for within a period of 60-180 days prior to the effective date of your policy. This stipulation should also include family members and companions traveling with you. If you buy the insurance after knowing full well that there is a great possibility of a claim, you generally won’t be covered for that claim. For example: Mother is diagnosed with cancer after you booked a cruise… several months after. You have not purchased travel insurance yet, but decide to do so now. If her condition causes a cancellation, you won’t be covered!

To overcome the problem of “pre existing” clauses in the contract, we recommend you buy this coverage early in the process. We deal only with companies that will waive the pre-existing condition clause if you pur­chase coverage within fourteen days of deposit, and you insure for the full amount of the trip. We believe this to be the best way to insure you don’t lose the cost of your vacation if you must cancel due to illness, accident, or death in the family! We offer Access America Insurance, CSA, and Cruise Line Insurance.