Best Price Guarantee

7 Seas Cruise Co. will guarantee our prices on cruises will be the lowest available on the date of sale to the consumer, under the following conditions.

1. We cannot check every sale every day to see if the price went down. However, we know that all travel agencies usually sell cruises. They advertise, and so do the cruise lines with direct mail, and T.V. adds, etc. We do tend to check exceptional “deals” as presented by the cruise lines when we see them, and check those who have booked (prior to the ad) who might meet the guidelines required by the cruise line as stated in the advertisement.

2. We encourage our customers to check with us if THEY see an ad anywhere, including print, T.V. or online that appears to offer the same cruise that they purchased from us at a lower rate. Call our main phone number at (209) 358-1102, and if not answered leave a brief message. Include your name, phone number with area code, and speak distinctly so we can return your call. If we do not return your call within 24 hours, please call again at (209) 602-7193. Please have the following information for when we call you back.

3. A. Where and when did you saw the offer?…this is important. TV ad? Or print ad, and who placed the ad. (the name of the company) So we know where to look for it to verify some of the following. 1. That it is indeed the same date on the same ship that was booked by us. 2. That the offer is good on the same category of cabin booked on that trip. And last, did the price shown include all taxes and fees. You’ll find that our pricing does include everything asked for by the client.

4. EXPLANATION of “Category” Many people believe this is the cabin type, such as “inside” “ocean-view” or “Ocean-View with private balcony” (balcony) Mini-Suites, Suites, etc. These are “types” of staterooms or cabins on a typical ship. But there my be up to a dozen different categories within each “type” of room. And the pricing varies by each category, usually by location. The “cheapest” are usually going to be inside rooms, located in undesirable places, which may be subject to added noise, or the ride of the ship through rough seas.

5. REQUESTS TO DETERMINE THE ABOVE CONDITIONS MUST BE DONE AS SOON AS THE CLIENT OR BOOKED PASSENGER SEES THE AD THAT SEEMS LOWER PRICED. All ads of this type are dated. And if sent by fourth class mail (common) you may not get the ad until the time to book is about to expire. (we get these at our office almost every day) If you delay in getting information to us, the offer may not be applicable and isn’t valid.

6. 7 Seas Cruise Co. AND Ocean One Cruise Outlet (same owners) pride ourselves in our honesty and in clarifying each step of a booking so that our new and our long time passengers know what they’re getting for the dollar. We don’t waiver from this policy. Once we check on the above points to make sure everything matches, and all of the conditions of the sale are in order and still available, we will contact you by email or phone to explain why the offer doesn’t apply to your original purchase, or if it does apply, we will match the offer, and reduce the fare accordingly, assuming final payment for the cruise has not been made. Once final payment has occurred, if the offer is valid and real, we will call the cruise line on your behalf and report to you the findings of our / your request, and report to you immediately what their determination is.